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Hi Paul,
there seems to be some bad press about Orion Optics UK.

Here's their OOUK 3" Wynne corrector:,57567

and they really carry on about how good it is:
Wynne corrector: The design of the AG corrector was determined after months of calculation and field tests with different cameras and telescopes. He is not only used in the AG models, but works so incredibly good at the telescopes of other manufacturers with other mirror sizes and aperture ratios. The corrector, which reduces the image to 0.95-fold , consists of 4 elements of special glass, arranged to two single lenses and a cemented doublet. As a result, the light from the telescope on a flat image plane of 60 mm diameter used, without color aberration. The basis of the design is the use of some rare earth glasses and the computer-aided choice of the radii of curvature of the lenses. Due to the complex construction, even world-famous astrophotographers can no longer find any mistakes in the pictures.

So - how did Mike manage to get such a good telescope? -
is he using the same model corrector?
What has changed?

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