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Thanks guys for the all the responses. It has been a tough time, but I had lots of good advice and ideas from quite a few people. I found that persistence pays off ultimately and yes it should have worked out of the box.

Originally Posted by codemonkey View Post
That's awesome Paul, glad you finally figured it out. I'm still struggling with mine (ONTC newt), but I think I'm one step closer after some more experiments tonight.
Lee I feel your pain. I made a map of the possible causes of the problem and then systematically tried every conceivable solution to the problem. Finally once all possible causes were eliminated it became obvious that is was the corrector.

Originally Posted by John K View Post
Gee Paul - sounds like climbing an Everest!

You are really good at this stuff - you should honestly consider starting a telescope tuning/repair business!

Look forward to the images.

John K.
Hmm not like climbing Everest John; and since you are the only person I personally know who has made the summit of Everest I am going to assume it was quite a lot tougher this this little mole hill.

I am not sure I would like to offer such a service. I can think of a few others who are infinitely better at this than me. Though never say never.

Originally Posted by Stefan Buda View Post
I could have warned you if I new that you were using an OOUK corrector.
When I was salvaging one of their "Hyper-Super" 10" ODK disasters, I turned up a jig on the lathe and screwed in the corrector so that the lens housing was spinning true. Well, one of the three lenses was running out so badly that I had to reduce its diameter by 3mm in order to bring its optical centre to the optical axis. With a meniscus lens even a small wedge error will displace the optical centre a lot more than one would expect. The OOUK people don't seem to worry about such things.
and the spacers and the mounting of the lenses...
These are also my suspicions Stefan, that not only are the threads at fault but the lenses are causing problems too. I would be highly interested if you wanted to take a look at this for me though. Happy to pay for a fix too.

Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Well, that's good and bad news I guess?...mostly good, as at least you know now that you can have a working telescope, just need to get a new corrector. Perhaps go with a non OOUK one .....

Yes those are my thoughts too Mike. At least I know I can use the scope and the optics do appear to be quite sharp. That is quite a relief . If the corrector I have got cannot be fixed by someone here then I will be looking at something like a Paracor or maybe an ASA corrector which I believe are quite good. I don't think I will try to get OOUK to "fix" it, as that appears to be not possible.

Originally Posted by LewisM View Post
Good God I admire your dedication Paul. By now I would have had Mike caber-toss it into the Molonglo.

A lot of money, frustration and grey matter finally giving results it should have out of the box.
Don't worry Lewis, there were several times I nearly did exactly that. I guess the important thing to remember is that I wanted good optics, a carbon tube, a sturdy primary assembly, a very stable focuser area and stable secondary. I got that but did not get the 50mm corrected field that the Wynne was supposed to provide.
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