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The camera has three standard pick list gain & offset settings to choose from: high dynamic range, unity, and lowest noise. I can't be sure but i think i was using Unity, which happens to have a gain of 139 as shown on the graph below. In addition you can slide the bars to choose your own settings. Jon Rista (CN) seems to think he is going to do everything at a gain setting of 60.

I have to say all the ADU comments below go right over my head.
I beieve, in time, as more cameras get into imagers hands, the settings issues will resolve themselves through user feedback. I am not seeking perfection right now, just to produce some reasonable images with this big change in approach is enough for me for now.

As it is clearing up here i am starting to consider narrowband for tonight. The beauty of this camera is that you can probably do enough data acquistion in a few hours to build a nice narrowband image. What used to take me three nights with my mono dslr is only going to take a couple of hours now, imho.

Looking at the exposure charts on CN it looks like anything above 20" will give good data. That might be true for LRGB but i expect narrowband to take much longer. However, i did do one Ha image last night at 60", it was out of focus because i forgot to refocus, but showed me enough to think maybe that could be a reasonable sub length to start at, something impossible with most cameras.
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