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It will be a lot different to a DSLR, but when you get it going, SGpro does it all very nicely. It has the ability to focus through a broadband filter and then switch back to narrowband, which makes it easy with parfocal filters. If it is working, I guess that you must be able to see stars in the images, so the camera is working. You will be on a huge learning curve if you are beginning to use a new camera, filter based imaging and SGpro all at the same time!! SGpro by itself has a daunting collection of options, many of which only make sense after you have been using it a while, so some simpler software that only does image capture would be a good idea while you check out the camera. FWIW, I intend to use Nebulosity while getting the camera sorted because I know it well and it is the most stable software I have. I also occasionally use FITSliberator for checking FITS files if anything has gone wrong - it is a nice tool for viewing files.

Are you quite sure that there is nothing saved in the files?. the sky data will be pretty close to zero (which I understand defaults to 21 for this camera/software) for short subs, especially if you are using a low gain setting and on a linear display you will see a totally black background with a few stars and hot pixels. You will need to use a huge amount of screen stretch (eg with the sliders in SGpro) to see anything dim. You don't normally have to right click on an image to get it to save properly - when running the sequence it will flash a status display down the bottom of the screen that says "downloading" and then "saving file" (or something like that).

It will all work, but it is worrying that SGpro froze - it generally seems to be stable and reliable. Do you have the latest ASCOM driver for the camera?

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