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It's all working now

I have everything working now. I decided to go with the recommended control app (from CN) and have installed SGP. Lo and behold it had no problems at all with the filter wheel, which is all setup and cycles through all the filters. I like that fact that the colours displayed by the wheel when I select a NB filter match what I would normally assign to those narrowband filters. So I have been running desk top darks and playing around with temperature control in SGP. I prefer the Temp Control in Sharpcap but can't have everything I suppose, SGP temp control works but a bit confusing compared to the sliders in Sharpcap. But it does have cool down and warm up periods. SGP does it all but in a different way to what I am used to, but I will pick it all up.
Guess I will have to pay for SGP in 45 days but it is not that costly at $99 (USD).
It's ashame that there is not a single app that provides the necessary planetary and DSO capture processing. So Sharpcap for planetary and SGP for DSOs. Just about ready to put this gear on a scope.
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