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Thanks Greg. I have installed all the drivers (I think). Powered the camera up, using my trusty 12V 6AH AC adaptor that I have been using to run my DSLR cooling system. The ASI only needs 2amps but it should not hurt to have more available, it will use what it can handle. I think I had seen a post on CN by Jon Rista claiming that he thought it might need more amps (than 2) in a warm climate to hold a delta T of -40C.

Started up Sharpcap and it raced away stacking AVI frames before I knew what was going on, how do you stop this thing. I finally slowed it down to one every 30 seconds. Turned the cooling controls on and can report that from an ambient room of +21C, it managed to get down to -22C actual sensor temp reported, so a Delta T of -41C which I think is pretty good. It did take awhile to get the last five degrees but that's ok.

Then I tried to get the filter wheel to work, but that's a problem. ASCOM shows it, and I seem to be able to configure it. I have the USB driver, and the wheel comes to life and does what looks like a start up spin cycle. Sharpcap doesn't seem to control wheels, so I tried APT which I have as well, and it says it connects but doesn't do anything.
Anyone have a simple wheel control app that they can recommend - one I don't have to spend money on?
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