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It is on its way

I just received a shipping advice from Bintel, and my credit card has been charged the exact amount of the ASI1600MM-Cool, looks like it is on its way to my door. And the pre-order price is what I was charged.

I know the ZWO shipment arrived on Thursday so they must be getting them out asap, and there seem to be enough in the shipment that I can get mine.
In other good news, the Fedex tracking on the QHY filter wheel shows it has arrived in Australia. I already have any T-thread spacers I might need.
Looks like I might be ready to put this camera to a test by middle of next week! Exciting. Just in time for the June new moon period.

In other news re this camera, there is a new thread on CN looking at Sub exposure durations for the ASI1600:

I need to read that.

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