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Originally Posted by Slawomir View Post
Thanks Glen for the heads up.

Bias and Dark frames look good, except for a substantial amp glow even in a 120s dark. So darks at this stage would be essential in calibrating subs; not a big deal really. I must admit I am spoiled with my camera, as I only need to use a SuperBias and Flats
+1 ... however, with the lower read noise, smaller pixels (for me, if not you) and bigger FOV it's still very tempting. I reckon I can get more detail yet with a bit more resolution, and it's sometimes nicer (mostly for nebulae) to have a wider FOV... my camera's 674 chip is very small in terms of FOV.

For me to go forward with that acquisition I'd have to be certain that amp glow would calibrate out, and I'd very much like to know the absolute QE.
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