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If I were going to use a cooled DSLR I would go for a 5D2 like that used in Leo's recent images. Lovely. Full frame makes up for some of the lack of the DSLR APS sized sensor.

Starlight Express MX25C is often around 2nd hand on Astromart. I think it would be hard to beat by any DSLR mono'd or otherwise. I see there is a QHY8 for sale on IIS for $1200. Its APS sized. Not sure what they are like but its cheaper than your mono option (isn't mono conversion risky to do?).

The current king would appear to be the Sony A7s which is similar really to a KAI11002 chip in that its 8.5micon pixels but even higher full well depth and no doubt cleaner electronics from Sony compared to relatively noisy Kodak chips.

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