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Originally Posted by mental4astro View Post
Hi all,

We had the clearest night in ages here in Sydney, and I wasn't about to let a whee full Moon spoil the occasion. So I pulled out my 8" f/4 scope for a quick sketch. I did this sketch quickly over an hour. Would drive one to drink to make it a more detailed sketch (he says savouring a cooling Ale!).

I got a neat surprise too! For a fleating moment, I saw a satellite cross through my field of view. Not for the first time, BUT it was the first time it transited across the Moon's face!!!

At first I thought it was a baloon, but since when does a baloon have spiky bits coming off it, and be very angular in shape! Cool bananas, !

Details on gear:

Scope: 8" f/4 newtonian, dob
EP: Edmund Scientific RKE 28mm, 29X
Filters: 2X polarising filters
Media: China graph pencil & graphite on black paper
You are getting adventurous. I see another ASOD coming. Well done.
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