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Nicely done, Michael. Neat 'golf ball' you've layed down!

Did you notice the faint highlight of the leading rim of the craters that first catch the rays of the sun? That little 'flare up' really makes the 'black' of the crater really stand out, and gives the craters lift and volume.

Yes, Clavius is heavily potmarked, but I don't think any more or less detailed than any other feature. I think it's more a case of 'mistaken complexity', for once we actually sit down to pick over a feature, all it's little nooks and crannies suddenly reveal themselves.

That's what I found with Posidonius. Once I started marking down the detail, it was very much a case of "OMG, look at all that filigree work! I'll be here all bloody night." Two hours later...

I like it, mate! Good sketch.
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