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Hi Adam ,perfect choice for what you are wanting to do IMO ,you could get the scope and even buy a manual mount very reasonably priced used so at least you can do a bit of visual and save up the coin for the Go-To mount ,i have the ED80 on a AYO travelier head with a Stellarvue surveyors tripod a few ep's etc and it's enough for me ,i did upgrade the focuser but it was well worth doing even though i'm only a visual observer and TBH for astrophotography you will have to do that ,there is plenty of people on iis that you can go to for advice far more knowledgeable than myself i can only advise you on what has really made me enjoy this hobby ,a very versatile scope

All the best

Originally Posted by Adam78 View Post
Hi Alex,

I've decided on the SkyWatcher Black Diamond 80mm doublet on a HEQ5 with GOTO. After all of my recent reading, it seems like a good balance between not too steep a learning curve in astrophotograpy and something that is still going to be enjoyable for viewing.

I havent comitted to the prchase just yet, so would love to hear anyone's input (although this setup is pretty much at the upper end of the budget!)
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