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No Noise Colour Saturation boost in PS


Still waiting for the presentations from AIC but heres one I remember from Tony Hallas that I wasnt aware of (not saying much).

Usually using the saturation slider in Hue and Saturation introduce noise into the image (I knew that bit) - Hallas suggested this.

Change the mode of the image to lab colour. You will then have 3 channels Luminosity, A and B. Dont touch luminosity. Channel A contains the reds and yellows (from memory) and Channel B the Blue and Greens. Add a curves layer on top of the background layer (clip it if you are doing anything else) and adjust the curves for the required layer. eg if you want to increase reds select the A channel from the pull down menu and lift the centre of the curve (actually you can do whatever adjustments to the curve you like. lifting the curve will boost the red - lowering the curve will desaturate these colours.

Season the colour satruation to taste and then flatten the image. You can then save it back into RGB mode. You have then adjusted the saturation without the introduction of any noise (provided you didnt touch the luminosity channel). Obviously it can be done on masked sections, lassooed sections etc of the image etc etc like any normal processing.

Works well

Mark Bolton
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