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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post

I tried this but perhaps I did the wrong thing near the end when you say select the original image. To do this you click on the background image in the layers box? Or do you alt click on the original image in the layer 1 box?

When I moved the white point doing the first above it made everything brighter the same as if I just opened the image and moved the white point to the left.

Alt Click on the new layer mask icon in the layers palette and paste, then invert that layer. Image Adjustments > Invert.
Yes, you click on the background and move the white point. Did you paste from the clipboard to the layer? The layer will be a black and white image and should look like a negative of the original image once inverted. When adjusting levels on the inverted image, the dark bits are the bits that will be acted on when moving white point or adjusting curves on the background. So the sky should be white and the object of interest should be darkish. The amount of blur will also effect the result. It's just a mask really so you can use it to colour mix etc etc as well. I tend to be just lassooing the objects lately to mess with them, but I'm just being lazy

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