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Unsharpen Mask

Unsharpen Mask.

Just tried this one tonight for the first time and it worked a treat. Good for bringing up nebula detail. Can take a bit of fiddling to get the desired result.

Make a duplicate of the original image. (Select all > Copy. File New > Paste.)

Blur the copy to remove stars or clone stamp if they won't blur. You don't want any stars left in the copy and you don't want a totally blurred blob as an image. (Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur)

Reduce the brightness and contrast of the duplicate to about -30. (Image > Adjustments > Brightness and Contrast.)

Subtract the duplicate from the original. (Image > Apply Image. Scale=1 Offset=0)

Adjust the white point in levels of the resulting image as it will be dark.

The end result changes with the blur amount as well as the Brightness and Contrast settings on the copy. In CS3 click on the original and do a Window > Arrange > New Window and it should show you a preview image.
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