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My friend in Maleny suggests :

Howells Knob Lookout, 3 or so km west of Maleny. You drive to the top to a picnic spot.

Apparently has views all round. He will let me know if anything else out there sounds suitable.

Originally Posted by pmrid View Post
Yes, worth a look.

Edit. Had a look yesterday at both Mt. Mee and Malaney. Neither has any decent site I could access. Apart from pulling up on the side of the road and setting up on a footpath, there was a real shortage of lookout sites that looked out to the west rather than to the ocean. Understandable I suppose. And where there were any reasonably long horizons, they were looking the wrong way. So for my money, those sites are out. Pity. I'll have to cross the Great Divide to find the answer I think.
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