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Milky Way Nebulae

On Monday night I looked at 19 nebulae in and near the Milky Way with a 12 Dobsonian telescope. I used a 9mm EP and UHC filter for most of them. A 26mm EP and UHC filter were used for large nebulae like eta Car, the Lagoon, the Veil and North America. An 11mm EP was used for reflection nebulae like NGC 6595 and NGC 6726-27-29.

The nebulae seen were
M 8, M20, M17, M16
NGCs 3324, 3372, 3581-82, 6165, 6188, 6334, 6357, 6595, 6726-27-29, 6888, 6960, 6992-95, 7000
ICs 2944, 4628

The faintest ones were NGC 6165, 6334 and 6888.

I also looked at many nebulae in the SMC and LMC from Leycester, NSW.
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