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Originally Posted by Merlin66 View Post
As I have my imaging camera tied up on C11 f10 with the spectroscope I have no choice to use an eFinder.
This is a 60/227 fl with the ol' DMK51. Gives a FOV 106 x 79 arcsec.

This provides (now!) a great image to plate solve (I use AstroArt) - in less than 3 sec.
Thanks Ken,
I was thinking of adding a 50 or 60mm guidescope with the ASI-120MM-S which could double as a efinder.
Might be a good option as my seeing conditions supposedly Bortle 6 I think worse , probably don't help much.
Yes I use Stellarmate or Indigosky not sure how the platesolving compares with others. I like the remote wireless option. I use a Macbook Pro on the other side.

Love a C11 but not in my present location in a Villa!

Appreciate the suggestion
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