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It was a really interesting day....and make no mistake there is a vast "luck component" to the show.

They recorded six shows that day, and out of 36 contestants 31 walked away with not much more than a good day out.
One lucky lady sat in the chair for the last question, had no idea, guessed the answer and won $50k

While you may be the smartest person in the line-up, unless you are in the seat for the last won't win a cracker.

I have to say Eddie McGuire is a really nice guy. Very quick/funny too.
He stayed around and chatted in between shows and the producers treated us like silk-worms.

I was also amazed that the producers had checked out my "Bio" on-line, well before the show, and were really keen to use my astro-images on the day:
when they asked if it would be OK I wasn't about to say "Yeah, but no..."

We had a great day...made even more special by having my astro-images screened nationally, albeit briefly, on prime time TV.
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