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Hi Mike
Welcome to IIS
The best bang for buck visual telescope is definitely a “dobsonian” ( Newtonian reflector telescope on a dobsonian mount )
Bintel have the Skywatcher 6” for around $450 and comes with some Plössl eye pieces to get you started. For some people a 6” is a scope for life but that not to say it will be your only telescope. If you want to image ( long exposure astrophotography) at some stage in the future that’s a whole different ball game.
If you go for the 6” dob , later on you can buy an iPhone holder which fits on the focuser through an eye piece and you can take great photos of the moon and bright stars.With some skill and luck later you can snag a planet or 2. A dob can be an entry point into “Astrophotography on the cheap” as well as being your prime visual telescope
The guys at Bintel are of great help , but if you want to speak to someone I admire there because of his 40years experience in the hobby , it’s definitely Don. He got me started in the hobby nearly 4 years ago with a Dobsonian
telescope and was hooked from the start. Took some great moon shots with my old iPhone as well , no holder bracket , just holding the iPhone against an eye piece
I’m sure others will offer some great advice as well
Good Luck with your Astro journey
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