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Just reporting back - managed to successfully build an arduino "alnitak" clone for my LED lightbox, again using the Cloudy Night thread listed above.

Parts purchased included:

- Arduino Uno

- IRF640N mosfet(s)

- 100 ohm resistor(s)

- enclosure for Arduino mega (black)

- Single mountable RCA plug (Jaycar)

I'm using the Arduino project code from late in the CN thread, which uses a different pin on the Uno (pin 11) and slightly modified PWM timer code (faster pulses to avoid artefacts on flats exposures).

The Mega project box nicely holds the Uno (mounting screw positions are seamless as are the USB and 12V power sockets) along with leaving a bit of space and screw mount for the mounting of the mosfet, as per picture below from CN thread.

Works seamlessly in SGP using 12V in on the Arduino and single USB plug. Very happy so far.
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