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Originally Posted by Merlin66 View Post
How does it work?
Can any image be made clickable????
There are many ways to do it but yes any image can be made clickable. But for forums to function users need to be able to use the editor available as easy as possible. To change that may require buying a more advanced editor with such functionality plus it needs to operate with the backend server languages that are installed/supported. I don't know how active our webmasters are with maintaining the current website, but once built a stable site should remain stable with little need to maintain. Most often its spam posts that need attention. Also of course how much time they have to look after the site and the access they may or may not have to upgrade or customise the forum software. Some editors allow html to be entered to allow users to do this sort of thing themselves but I don't think we have the sort of folk here with the skills to do that sensibly and safely. we have some but not the majority. I suspect a fund raising drive will be needed to pay for upgrades to the forum software plus the hosting company. We do need space and personal image galleries for posting larger files and then linking to them from the forums but drive space goes fast and ideally we dont want files to vanish leaving Not Found errors in posts but we do need something that can be cleaned and monitored so its not used for spam, advertising, or inappropriate content. We dont have the best forum around but its comfy and tidy as it is thanks to the moderators who look after the worst of the bad content coming in. I dont see much of a need for change. Change scares me too. Its too common for money to become a way to split the users too. I've seen many web owners think it a way to make lots of money and force users to a paid subscription to access the new features creating a Haves and Have Nots population. Its a good way to lose users. There is the Donate button on the bottom left corner if you are feeling altruistic, but from the donations I get towards medical treatment its clear that altruism doesn't exist if its going to cost someone a dollar.

Be happy with the forum as it is I reckon, it could be so much worse very quickly. I do appreciate our sysadmins and mods, its a very misunderstood and unthanked role (my life essentially). The easier things are for the users the geometrically more work had to be put in behind the scenes.
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