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I recently joined the Video Astronomy or Electronically Assisted Astronomy, EAA, as it is sometimes called.

I picked up a Revolution Imager R2 kit. I know it has been discussed here. I bought it because it is a ready to go kit for beginners that is easy to set-up and use. I have only started to work with it but so far it has been great.

Video Astronomy – Reveloution Imager R2 – Ordered this one

The thing I like about it is that you don't need a computer, it includes the monitor. But if you want to attach to a computer there is an adapter that will let you capture the video feed as digital frames for post processing if you want. But that is an optional step.

Not here to pitch for the product. Just telling you my current level of involvement.

In my opinion this really needs some kind of tracking mount. I guess you can use it on a manual mount but I don't think it really lives up to its potential that way unless you have really smooth slow motion controls and want to constantly turn them.

I have an 8" Orion XT8i and I have tried the set-up with that. This is a manual scope, no motor tracking. Camera came to focus but this will not be my target set-up for this system. I report my experience here:

I will be using a Meade ETX 80 Goto as my video astronomy set-up. This is a short FL (400 mm) 80 mm refractor. I attach a photo of the set-up I am using. Monitor is on the left and battery is on the right. The white shelf I built myself. It just hangs off the tripod and provides a place to put things which comes in handy.

The goal is for the camera, monitor and battery to ride with the mount as I slew and track. Meade says the weight should be no problem as the mount is also useable with DSLRs hanging off the back which I would expect to put much more load on the mount than this.

If this works out as I expect then the ETX 80 will become my video telescope and my XT8i will become my visual telescope. At some point I may add a laptop for capture and image post processing but that is not what I am planning to do now.

Based on what I have seen so far I will continue to enjoy both forms of astronomy.
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