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Revolution Imager Caps

I use video as an aid for observing and usually connect my analogue camera to a 20 analogue colour TV. I have found this to a no-fuss way of getting very good views.

But there are times when it would be nice to get a snap-shot of the on-screen images.

When I have used an analogue to digital converter the resulting images have been very poor compared to what I can see on my analogue screen.

Recently I have been tinkering with the Live Stack function in SharpCap as demonstrated by ChrisV on his ZWO digital camera earlier in this thread. I find that a short Live Stack does produce a digital image that is close to what I see on the analogue screen.

The first image is a photograph of the TV screen. Its blurred because the shutter speed was too slow for a hand-held shot but it gives an idea of what I would like to be able to capture.

The other images are straight out of the camera with a 3 minute Live Stack then saved as a single .png frame. No further processing.

(Bresser 5 achromat + Fringe Killer operating at about f4.8. Revolution Imager 811 chip.)
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