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For the sake of camaraderie, we should remember that cameras like the Revolution Imager, represents just the modest price end of things. Like everything else, how deep are your pockets does enter into the equation. Then things like the pros and cons of CMOS vs CCD can be discussed, and only with understanding.

And we have not even begun to talk about the Avalanche CCD chips that Panasonic is developing that will leave ALL our current cameras looking like box brownies...

Chris, I agree that it would be great to hear about the results people are getting with other cameras. I'd also like to hear about how they use Video Astronomy. With this last point, for me it is as an outreach tool under light polluted skies, and really only to compliment the visual experience that people want from using scope, but that light pollution robs them of. Bob's post is important too where he is one person with limited mobility and now compromised vision, and video still allows him to enjoy the night sky as closely to a visually exclusively experience as he can achieve without the complications of post processing. Had one's fill for the night, and then just shut down everything, happy as Larry.

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