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In our Astro world there are three levels of software to consider.

1). A sequencing program that you set up for the target you want to capture, these programs are used for setting how many subs you want to capture, auto-focusing, filter changing, plate solving and mosaic generation. NINA is free and is widely praised or SGP which is more common but you have to pay for it.

Both of these programs will interface with PHD2 (free) guiding software for dithering.

I use EZCAP which came with my QHY12 camera.

2) A stacking program which stack all your subs, darks and flats, DSS is free and is widely used but I found it a bit slow on my computer.

3) A processing program to stretch the final stacked image and also remove noise and gradients and perform colour correction.

I use Startools for this as its easy to learn, Pixinsight is the best and it can also stack your subs as well, but my computer was too slow when I tried the 45 day free trial.

Astroart I did purchase, which can also capture, guide, stack and process images, I only use it for stacking now as its very quick on my PC compared to DSS.

There are free processing programs around like Gimp, or ImageJ but I have never tried them.

Hope this helps

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