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Originally Posted by namtao View Post
So what would be the side effect of a telescope being unequalised? I mean, how do i know if it needs a bit of cooling down?
With a telescope that has not been given the time to cool down to outside ambient, its focus won't be as sharp in comparison to a telescope that has had such cool down time.

Regarding my place - I live near (2-mins walk) a small park with pretty good open space, and a view of the horizon from the south-west to the north-east.
My backyard is full of tall trees and houses, so I don't think it's an option.
I also have a small balcony facing towards the north-eastern side, I think i can get full view of the moon most months from the balcony. That said, the neighboring house would limit my scope, but it's definitely ways better than my backyard.
This makes things awkward. Without enough front to back depth, using a telescope on a tripod on your balcony could be problematic.
With a refractor type telescope, I think you might not have enough space to stand behind the telescope to be able to use it on your balcony.
The more compact physical length of a Mak-Cass type telescope might make it workable on a tripod.
With a Newtonian type telescope, the front to back depth is somewhat less of a problem, as you use these telescopes standing to the side of them, and not behind.

For me, front to back depth was the critical factor in what telescope I bought.
I live in a block of flats, with a somewhat shallow balcony/patio, so there would be no way to stand behind a telescope to use it. A tabletop Dobsonian mount telescope was my only viable option. You can get an idea of just how shallow, from my user avatar pic.
From what was available, the SkyWatcher Heritage 130P collapsible Newtonian was my best option.

So to answer your question - i wasn't planning to have a fixed place. I was thinking of something portable. But would start with the balcony, and then walk to the local park if i have to. Plus we often go to country for a short break, my plan was to have something that i can easily pack in the car.
So you'll be looking at something compact, somewhat rugged, and definitely not too heavy for portability, that's easy to set up when you get to any place.
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