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Iím in Melbourne metro, on a balcony, with a 4SE.

I bought it because I figured it was easily portable and storage at my place is fairly limited. I also thought itís a pretty beautiful scope to look at...which is probably the stupidest reason to buy a telescope.

So far Iíve had it out on the balcony maybe 3 times. The light pollution here is absolutely terrible and, to be honest, Iíve been a bit disappointed. I know I need to get in the car and go to dark sites...but Iíd hoped for a bit of a better experience on my balcony.

Seeing Saturn through my new 12mm Saxon Cielo was just incredible though. That really blew my socks off.

Annoyingly, the weather has been pretty crap lately. Tonight looks set to be the first clear night in a while so Iím looking forward to setting up and checking out the sky. Iím finding part of the battle just to be setting up the mount, unboxing the scope, aligning the finder, aligning the scope. I wish there were some way I could speed up the whole process. Very jealous of these folk who can leave the scope permenantly in position and ready to go.
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