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Trung with all due respect to above posters I started with a dob and with help of friends got good use out of it. But my friend had suggested a ETX-90 105 or 125 to me and at the time they were out of my budget and the 10" light bucket looked more tempting. However Astronomy is a journey in learning about yourself as much as the stars and skies. As such I found the don became more disused as it was a hassel after work to setup for quick use. Now it's not a hassle for everyone as people are different this is the understanding in self part. I have in this hobby people who thing big GEMs are very portable and indeed watching there use I am amazed how they do it. Myself sorry to say am a lazy amateur astronomer time poor.

I replaced the dob with a lx90 which I enjoyed more. But still was very large. Now so many years later would you like to guess what is my favourite ?? Etx-125 optical tube on a evolution mount. I also use few other 8" and smaller scopes on this mount. But the little etx125 from the older periods Is fantastic just pop and go. Yes some cooldown time required but usually keep near siding door and its equalized.

Lastly look for used gear from here. if you buy from gumtree gok check the optics if you can. Iceinspace folks are quiet trust worthy and I have not had an issue buying from them. There are bargains around if your patient. I have a full etx-125 with mount that i grabbed for 500. And it has very good optics. The star discovery with 127 is a good option. If its the one that has encoders and can be declutched for rebalance. also look at q used 6se , 4se not so great as the fork arm is short and does not allow for changing optics. where qs star discovery and 6se8se or Evolution you can change to a 80mm refractor or 8inch SCT.

The best telescope is the one you will use more often give your circumstances and ideas one that is portanle grab and go setup.
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