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Totally agree , a Skywatcher 6” or 8” dobsonian reflector as a 1st telescope
Unless you live in an apartment with no yard and only a balcony then go for the little tabletop dob
A 6” or 8” dob is not heavy as you can take the OTA off and carry the base separately by its handle
Perfect for star clusters,galaxies, planets and the moon. You can even attach your iPhone with a bracket and take lunar images and if your really lucky snap a planet or two ( see attached photos taken from my old 10” dob)
The only thing you have to learn about Newtonian reflectors ( other than focusing and pointing at targets around the night sky) is collimation which is no big deal after you have done it a few times
I would recommend downloading Stellarium on your home computer or laptop so you can navigate the night sky with relative ease ( it’s a free download )
Good luck and enjoy this amazing hobby !!!
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