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Hi all,
Well the front doors are on and its time to get started setting up.
I was keen to try out the obs with a test setup (using the tripod) to see what it was like and I was very pleased. The fact that the walls surround you gives a whole new feel to astronomy - a bit of comfort from the outdoor chill I guess and sheltered from the ambient light and shifting air. Having a desk right by is very convenient to have all the astro gear off the ground and the computer setup. This will all be wired in soon with cables tucked under the paving to keep it neat and tidy. I'm now over the hard work with this build and the rain this weekend will give it a good test (its been water tight so far so I'm confident it'll hold up) The last touches will be the internal wall finishes and some shed stuff to hang up and to bring it to life (the beer fridge mainly).

In case you are wondering what the survey gear is setup for is because I am going to establish a meridian line (Greenwich inspired) out the front of the obs for a point of interest while marking out the anelemma pattern to work as a sundial (I've done the computations for my location - I have one already out the front garden I made 5 or so years ago . Watch this space...
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