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Copernicus and Eratosthenes

This is a sketch of the conspicuous craters Copernicus and Eratosthenes.

Copernicus is the main subject. I tried to capture the terraced crater walls and interesting central peaks. This sketch was done during a waxing moon as Copernicus was close to the terminator, and so the shadows are dramatic.

Below (to the North) is the edge of Mare Imbrium. Above is Mare Insularum and the crater Reinhold. To the left is Sinus Aestum, the "Seething Bay", and the crater Eratosthenes. The bottom edge of Montes Apenninus reaches out to Eratosthenes. Under this slanting light, the mountainous terrain appeared much brighter than the smooth mare floors.

The sketch is charcoal on white paper, and took around 3 hours to complete. I sketched from a photograph taken with a C11 at f/5 on May 30th.

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