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Anyone used a Canon TE1.4x Converter for astro imaging with a telescope?

I've been wondering about this the past few days.. I've seen many examples of the TE1.4x extenders being used in conjunction with Canon L glass, and I've seen teleconverters being used for lunar shots through scopes...

I was considering a way to increase the imaging FL a little bit without vignetting the field too much..

The new GSO RC should be here early/mid next week, and Im waiting on word from Eric regarding a modded DSLR for "easy" colour imaging.. I was considering getting a TE1.4x extender to increase the focal length to 2270mm Although this would result in the scope being F/11 or there abouts, It would give me a nice field of view..

Just wondering if its been done? and if so, does it cause vignetting? I would imagine not, as generally speaking the longer the focal ratio, the less light falloff you tend to experience.. In any case.. Im open to suggestions, comments on this idea..

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