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I used to observe a significant drop in background ADU in Paddington as the city was slowly going to sleep. Also, when there was a game on in nearby stadium, SNR would really suffer, not to mention neighbours turning lights on. That was with 3nm Astrodons. Moon of course had a significant impact too.

I’m yet to take my rig out at the new location, but I would be really surprised if I won’t be picking up fainter nebulosities much quicker, as the skies here are quite dark.

Apart from the amount of sky glow, seeing of course also play a key role but I think Simon’s compo was focused on illustrating of the former.

In any case, stars are bloated in the image taken at the darker site, so seeing was probably worse over there on that night, which wouldn’t help the data, yet clearly more nebulosity is visible.

My 2 cents.
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