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Originally Posted by Lester View Post
Thanks for all the info Greg. My 24mm f1.4 series I L lens is good IMO for CA. Its the seagulls around the perimeter I don't like at f1.4 when blown up 50%-100% in size. The 14mm Samyang has the stars around the perimeter as small streaks and more condenced than the seagulls of the Canon lens. The series II of my Canon lens is better for CA, but don't know how much better it is for point like stars across the FOV. Hope that makes sense. All the best.
I am seeing some seagull stars at F1.4 as well. The fainter ones. At F2 though everything is good. There's a new Nikon 28mm F1.8g that may be good. Around $700 which is cheap for Nikon. 28mm isn't wide enough though.

Originally Posted by philiphart View Post
The MKII version of the Canon 24mm f1.4 lens is only a tiny margin better in this respect than the MKI. Still big seagulls in the corners at f1.4.. just slightly sharper seagulls than the MKI (still as wide, but not as thick/fat if that makes sense). This improves quickly with both lenses above f2 and nice tight stars across the frame at f2.8.
These lenses are more designed for terrestial imaging where these sorts of things tend not to get noticed so much. Also F1.4 is wanted for its bokeh so perimeter is usually blurred in terrestial images.
There must be older cheaper F2.8 lenses that are sharp wide open.

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