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SBIG CFW8 problem.

The FW is connected to a STF8300 with the I2C interface to the FW. When you apply power, the CCD gives the camera shutter a bit of a rattle and the FW gives the carousel a full spin and locates it correctly on position 1. So far so good.

But after that, it's all downhill with the FW.

I am using the latest SBIG universal drivers and the latest MaximDL.

When I connect the camera under Maxim, it does not report any issues. But when you try to image, the FW does not move. The carousel does not spin.

There is no internal obstruction and no apparent physical reason for this.
It has power because it does the initial spin and index thing when you apply power. So power is not the issue.

I'm stumped.

Anyone got any ideas, suggestions?
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