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2'' diagonal with imaging

Hi All,

With the issue of camera clearence through the fork when imaging near the celestial pole, has anyone tried using a diagonal mirror after a feathertouch focuser (eg, moonlight or starlight) then the imaging camera into the diagonal. If so what sort of results does it produce?

I have a LX200 ACF 12" and am in the process of deciding on a moonlight or starlight instruments feathertouch focuser. Im using the meade 2'' 99% reflectivity diagonal purchased about 6 months ago.

Also, starlight instruments offer a short adapter to go from the 3.27" rear cell to the feathertouch focuser, is there a disadvantage with this shorter option over the longer option? Im thinking about in terms of achieving focus and clearing the fork base.
here is the link to the short adapter ( ) and its respective feathertouch focuser (FTF 2008BCR 2") and here is the link for the longer adapter ( ) and its respective focuser (FTF 2015BCR 2'').

Comment welcome.

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