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Originally Posted by Peter Ward View Post
I hear what you are saying. I have mixed feelings about the "nightscape" section...which begs the question is this a landscape competition? or astrophotography? Many of these images are stunningly beautiful, and can tick both boxes...but sometimes DM's choices have me scratching my head.

But, the CWAS/Malins are not alone here. Royal Greenwich also heavily feature "Kodak moments" in their prize pool.

Sure, if it was my train set, I'd organise things a little differently. But, given it does provide a national showcase for some pretty amazing images, the CWAS/Mailns is unsurpassed (in Oz) by putting Astrphotography into the public eye.
I would hazard a guess there is a commercial/marketing element - the public (and Canon / News Corp) may relate more to nightscape images than DSOs.

Must pull my finger out and throw my hat in the ring for 2020.

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