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Originally Posted by GUS.K View Post
Thanks for sharing this, Mike. Although I'm not an imager, I enjoy browsing this forum for some objects to add to my visual list. Had a look last night at these galaxies, but conditions weren't great, about 150x max with the 18 inch scope, will try again Wednesday night which is looking good at this stage.
Thanks Ivan. Yes, this would be a good group to examine through a good sized aperture under dark skies. A mate of mine has a sensational 24" F4.2 SDM dob, located under, quite literally, perfect dark skies (ie zero light pollution) in far north QLD and I'd love to take a peek at these through that...if you are reading this Tim, have a go... and make us all jealous

Originally Posted by ChrisV View Post
That's pretty spectacular Mike. Thanks for showing
No worries Chris

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