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DrunknStargazer (Dave)

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New Member from Darwin, NT

Hi Members,

I am a very amateur stargazer and have only just joined IceInSpace.

My kit consists of, Scopes - Orion Short Tube 90mm Refractor; Orion XT12g Dob Reflector.
Binos - Orion 20 x 80 Astro; Nikon 10-22 x 50 Zoom; 10 x 42 ProMaster Roofs plus several eyepieces & filters.

There are some pretty spectacular objects in the night (and early morning) skies at the moment but unfortunately the skies are very unpredictable during the wet season.

Are there any members in the Darwin area that are interested in some stargazing when the weather clears up, cheers.

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