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Hi Mick

I have a DMK 21AF04 (mono no IR filter) and a DBK 21AF04 (colour no IR filter). Last week I plugged them into the Mewlon 180 and pointed them at Jupiter which was being buffeted by the jet stream.

On screen, the mono image was easily more contrasty, punchy and pleasing to the eye. I could record at 30fps at 1/30 sec exp with Gain around 650.

The colour image was grainier (I had to increase Gain to 850) and I could only record at 15fps and 1/15 sec. The image appeared less contrasty and less detailed.

This was a casual test and I didn’t take notes.
I didn’t save the files (seeing was horrid) so I cannot comment on how the final results might have looked once the avi’s had been processed via Registax, etc.


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