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A bit of a catch 22 in my humble opinion Stephen. At that focal length OAG is the only way to go. Having said that, setting up an OAG is a bit steeper learning curve with no previous guiding experience. For the record a focal length of 2700mm is going to be a challenge regardless but good on you for diving in. Another option is to buy an 0.3 reducer as well. It will open up your field of view to a considerable amount more DSOs, it will make your imaging system faster essentially receiving more light in less time and as an added bonus, at a focal length of 810 mm, you could easily guide it with a conventional guide scope setup. Once you have mastered that setup you can buy an OAG for tighter fields for galaxies etc and apply the experience you’ve gained. In the long run you’ll end up with effectively 2 different imaging options.


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