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Was using the old A77 last night to image. It is actually easier (!!) to acheive focus through the EVF than the rear screen.. All you do is watch for the screen pixels to go small and sharp, almost disappear, couple of test pix ad a wee bit of refinement and it's all good.
What I DO have to do is make a pier extension to raise the smaller diameter scope above the top of the wall. At present I cannot get down to the ecliptic plane so no planets. It was not an issue with the 10" mounted with it's larger frame and mount distance to optical axis. I need about 200-250mm. I'd like an APO to get round the CA I'm getting at present but an APO is off the plans for the time being. ($$$$?). I'm watching out for a cheapish long focal length achro now around 70-80 mm f10+. That will minimise CA and give me a higher mag for the time being. I'm almost tempted to try and poke the camera through the little 60mm f12 just to see what happens. Plenty of ISO range to cope with the reduced aperture and the PHD is doing a fine dang job on the guiding.

Oh the joys of experimenting in DIY....

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