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2 Cameras !

I think I posted earlier about my camera woes. Bought a new SONY A77 before Xmas then drowned it in a downpour. Insurance paid out so I got another and a new lens for a bit extra, all good so far.

I then asked if it was possible to buy the old camera, it was still working in a limited fashion, just two buttons non functional and the rear screen not working. Every thing else seemed to be ok although that could change.
They were happy for me to do so, for $100 !! The original retail price was $1850 !! And they said keep the old lens, I'll pull that to bits, internal damage is bad but I can possibly use the mount bayonet.

So I now have a dedicated 24 mega pixel low noise high ISO DSLR which can be modified to suit my astro requirements. If it eventually fails I can go back to the original idea of one camera, many uses.
It has an HDMI output I may be able to tap into for focus testing but my new optical train OTA setup is focus fixed so I can use the new A77 to check if necessary then swap them.

Should all be fun
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