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Isopropyl Alcohol 250ml bulk bottle for about $9 at jaycar. Why doesn't this site have a dam wiki i don't know lmao. Anyhow i searched high and low to buy this stuff and found it here cheap and at 99.8% purity which is dam hard to get besides going to industrial chemical suppliers who are going to think your running a meth lab.

Also for white lithium any bicycle stores that sells bikes as a primary means of income will stock it. I scored a sweet white race mix for $7 in there clearance bin from about $20, it was only a little 200gram tub but it is enough to do over 100 mounts lol.

We should ask the admins for a wiki page where products for diy ect can be listed and easily maintained and updated ect. I took me quite some time to track down a suppleir willing to ship single units of Sony HAD mono senors ( the rest want 100+ units), why should others have to go through the same pain. Lol now i have formated my computer i'am going to have to use my brain and google to re-track down the supplier.
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