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Originally Posted by Poita View Post
Is there anything that can be done about the gear transfer problem?
Yes, apart from cleaning or replacing them with high-precision gears (expensive!), you can have a look what I have done about it. However, this was not hyper-tuning - this was modification, so my reply is somewhat OT..
Many others before me did it (I was just following their example), with good results.

The presented mod still have one gear transfer stage (1:4) but currently I got rid of this one as well, so now the motor drives the timing belt directly.
I only need some free time and nice weather to test it.
The processor h/w & f/w used at the moment are according to Darren's mod presented on his website ( , it supports various transfer reduction rates), but my final intention is to use Mel Bartel's software with this, once the mount is permanently set up.

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