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The main reason for leaving the cap off is that you can attach a piece of hollow plastic tubing over the spindle of the worm gear and use this to turn the worm gear rather than getting your hand inside the mount housing to turn the gear attached to the worm gear. Its easier to do and just as sensitive.
One thing that happened to me was that after assembing my EQ6 mount, the dec axis was perfect but I suddenly had a 7-8 sec lag before the ra axis would reverse direction at slowest speed. The reason that I finally found is that there are 2 grub screws on the worm gear that hold the worm and the gear together. One of these was not sitting on the absolute flat point of the worm gear. While testing the backlash etc of both axis - perfect but once I loaded it up with the scope and counterweights it was enough to dislodge the grub screw so that it oscillated on the worm gear giving me the 7-8 sec delay between motor reversals. So if you have NO backlash but get a delay in axis movement this is your probable cause. I had to strip the axis back down again to fix this and then re-adjust all the backlash etc again. About an hour job.
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