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Right, here's my penultimate offering of planetary nebulae from Glen's list:

29. NGC 2022 Ori
Pretty bright. Slightly elongated and darker in the middle. There is also a dim outer disc of nebulosity. A brighter spot can be seen to the south. There is no sign of a central star. The UHC filter enhances the internal structure, but the OIII filter doesn't help. It appears grey in colour to me.

30. NGC 2346 Mon
'Nebula with star'. A small, round nebula around an 11.6 mag star. Much more obvious when viewed through the OIII filter. Very little detail. Rich field.

31. NGC 6778 Aql (aka NGC 6785)
Small disc at lower powers. Pretty faint but visible to direct vision at x83 with no OIII filter. x375 reveals elongation. Brighter in the middle, but no real sign of a central star. There is some outer, fainter nebulosity. The OIII filter increases the objectís brightness but adds no details.

32. NGC 7048 Cyg
Visible without the OIII filter as a pale grey patch. The OIII filter reveals a bright, beautiful, smooth, almost circular nebula which grows a little brighter towards the middle. A lovely object in a very rich field.

33. NGC 6804 Aql
The OIII filter was not needed for this object. It has a strange triangular shape. It is brighter at the north-east end where it is pointed and a star lies. There is a brighter area along the centre line of the object, where a second, fainter star is involved. Altogether pretty bright and visible at x83 without the OIII filter.
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