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The tube as received, as well as the focuser and focuser wheels were in need of attention too. See the first 2 pictures.

I identified the scratches and gouges (some to the metal) and proceeded to fill them with automotive body filler. Next came a LOT of block flat sanding until I was happy with the result. More on the repaint in the next post.

The focuser wheels had the old rubber grips that are notorious to fail and fall off. I visited Bunnings and found a sheet of self-adhesive ribbed rubber non-slip matting (used on running boards etc). Carefully measured and cut and fitted them to the "mag wheels". Back to perfect.

Lastly, the focuser itself felt odd. Being a Crayford focuser, this was almost to be expected . I disassembled it, and found the teflon pad that rides in the pinion groove had fallen out, and that the rubber glue SW used to secure it was bundling up in a goopy ball of crud. Cleaned all that out, reaffixed the teflon pad with some special glue I have and reassembled. Not bad, not bad at all.
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