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You have certainly covered your butt purchasing these wheels! The expense to me seems excessive for what I'm trying to achieve - your design may be different and warrants this decision however. In the attached image you will see what I went with. They are rated to carry 250kg each and with 4 wheels each side spanning the 4m skilion roof (8 in total therefore) I believe it should suffice. The design of my ROR is protected from the prevailing westerly wind by the pitched shed roof and in terms of lateral movement I don't think shear would enter the equation enough to worry about. The 50mm heavy duty steel angle contains the wheels bordered by the hardwood beams and there is little slack sideways for it to buckle over. Basically they are all contained in a straight line and should be right(I'm not an engineer but reason holds up I hope ).

With all four turnbuckles holding the roof down and contained by 6 uplift heavy duty brackets it ain't going to move too much...

Franco - I do support your line of thinking however and peace of mind is paramount, and with your choice of rolling stock you will undoubtably have zero issues to be concerned about. Thanks for your input and sharing your ideas , will be keeping an eye with your progress.
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